Responsible Investments (RI policy)

Responsible Investments (RI policy)

Our RI partner

The Danske Bank Group collaborates with the Swedish consultancy ISS-Ethix, which conducts the portfolio screening.


The purpose of our Responsible Investment policy is to ensure that the assets managed by Danske Capital on behalf of our investors are not placed in companies that violate internationally recognised norms for human rights, arms, working conditions, environment and anti-corruption.

The decision to introduce an RI policy is closely coupled with the conviction that appropriate behaviour is a precondition for long-term value creation in a company. Thus, the RI policy does not conflict with our objective of generating the best possible returns for our investors.

Danske Bank cooperates with Danske Bank on the RI-policy.  Read more about the RI policy on Danske Bank's website
Exclusion list
In accordance with our RI-policy we are engaged in a dialogue with a number of companies in relation to critical activities At present, we have chosen to exclude a number of companies from our investment universe as the relevant companies do not comply with our RI-policy.

See the complete list of excluded companies on Danske Bank's website